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What is new in ActionOutline 3.4 vs 3.3?

Add pictures to outline notes

With the new version of ActionOutline, you can easily add pictures from your computer or Web sites to your outline notes.

ActionOutline showing a note with a picture

There are three ways to insert a picture in ActionOutline 3.4:

  • via Insert Picture toolbar/menu command
  • via drag & drop
  • via clipboard

Read more on how to insert pictures into your outline notes...

What is new in ActionOutline 3.3 vs 3.2?

Multi-level global undo/redo

This version of ActionOutline allows you to undo and redo any number of any changes made to the outline since the last document save. In previous versions of ActionOutline, only changes made to the currently edited outline note could be undone. And if you accidentally deleted some outline items, there was no way to restore it!

In the new version, you can undo any kind and any number of changes to the outline. You can delete all the outline items and then easily restore them all. So you can freely experiment with your outlines now!

To Undo the latest change, press Ctrl+Z or Alt+Baskspace or click the undo toolbar button. Press buttons again to undo previous changes one by one until you return to the last saved state of the outline.

To Redo the latest change that was undone, press Ctrl+Y or Shift+Alt+Baskspace or click the redo toolbar button. Press buttons again to redo next undone changes one by one until you return to the state before the first undo.

What is new in ActionOutline 3.2 vs 3.1?

New version allows you to format individual outline items with custom font styles and colors!

Read more about outline items formatting...

What is new in ActionOutline 3 vs 2.1?

New tabbed multi-document interface

No more mess with multiple ActionOutline windows, all outlines are now in the same place. Tabbed interface lets you put all your outline documents into the tabs, similar to Internet browser tabs.

Press Ctrl+T to create a new outline and open it in a new tab! When you open an existing outline document with a menu, toolbar or keyboard shortcut, ActionOutline checks if this document is already open. If it is not loaded already, it will open in a separate tab. Otherwise the existing tab will be activated.

You can easily jump between tabs with a mouse and easy keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down (previous/next tab) or Ctrl+Tab (switch between recent tabs, similar to Alt+Tab). When you exit the program, ActionOutline remembers outlines you worked with and on the next start restores them.

Sharing outline documents on the network

Network Edition of ActionOutline supports shared network documents and allows multiple users to browse the same document and only one user at a time to make modifications to it, preventing data loss!

Read more about sharing outline documents on the network

Password protection and Encryption

Secure and Network Editions of ActionOutline allows you to protect outlines with a password and industry standard AES 256-bit encryption.

Enter password for the password-protected outline to open.

Read more about password protection and encryption in ActionOutline...

Read more detailed information about the new features of version 3.0

What was new in older versions?

Read what was new in versions 2.x

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