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How to format outline items?

ActionOutline 3 lets you format individual outline items with different colors and font styles:

Outline in ActionOutline, with different colors and font styles

Apply Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikeout font styles. Change text and background colors of each item. The corresponding commands are now located on the toolbar and in the Format menu (Alt+M). And of course you can use Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U keyboard shortcuts in the outline!

By default, ActionOutline will automatically display outline items in bold, if they have a text note attached. Your changes to the font style will override automatic style of the outline item. If you wish, you can reset item's format back to default using the corresponding command in the menu.

Format menu in the main menu bar, now contains commands to format outline items, if tree is active, and commands for note formatting, when note is active.

Quick styles

You can save a combination of the font and color formattings as a quick style.

Editing a quick style in ActionOutline

Later you can apply all the formatting stored in the quick style to any outline item. Quick styles are available via several convenient methods: using the toolbar drop-down menu, by right-clicking the outline item's icon, by using the Format menu, or by using Shift+Space keyboard shortcut. Styles menu shows a preview of all styles, so you can easily find what you need.

Select quick style to apply with the toolbar menu in ActionOutline

In the quick styles menu, all items has their hot chars (they are underlined), so you can apply the quick style for example by pressing Shift+Space + <hot char> or using the Format menu: Alt+M + Q + <hot char>.

There are some predefined styles available by default, but you can add new, edit existing and remove unneeded freely.

Manage quick styles in ActionOutline

You can assign descriptive names for your quick styles, for example Important, Due today etc. You can quickly add a new quick style using the formatting of the currently selected outline item!

Quick styles are not connected to outline items, you can freely remove or modify a quick style after applying and outline item's formatting will not change.


Outline font and colors will be exported to RTF and HTML automatically. To print outline with font and color formatting, please check that Use outline colors and Use outline font attributes are turned on in the print preset you're using.

Outlines made by version 3.2 is backwards compatible with the previous versions of ActionOutline. However, if outline will be edited and saved in previous versions, then all the new outline colors and fonts formatting will be lost.

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