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ActionOutline - store and arrange all your information in a tree outline form!

Build outlined freeform storage for your thoughts, ideas and information in an intuitive way!

You come up with this brilliant thought, or maybe your mother just sent you a recipe for her new chicken casserole. What do you do with this information? With ActionOutline you now have a place to put all your info and thoughts!

ActionOutline window. Click to enlarge...

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A simple yet useful organizer, ActionOutline consists of an Explorer-like interface where you can store and arrange all your information in a tree outline form. Arrange items using your keyboard or mouse, cut and paste branches, place checks or tags next to listed items, search information, print data, export to the external file, or link to web or local files.

Outline in ActionOutline. Click to enlarge...

ActionOutline can be your be-all, end-all solution to organizing your life. When you want it out of sight simply minimize it to your system tray where it's available for your next fleeting thought or item.

The possibilities for its use are practically endless: to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, term papers and more.

With ActionOutline you can:

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Download 30-day trial version of ActionOutline! Buy full version now and download it immediately after order authorization!

"..It's a to-do list ... no, it's an organizer... no, it's a notepad... nope it's ActionOutline! To-do list, organizer, notepad, free form jotter and more are what ActionOutline offers.."

"..ActionOutline is a super-intuitive information management tool, letting you build and maintain freeform text in tree outline form. I figured this thing out in just a few clicks. Even better: That's how little effort it took to get it handling my to do lists, bookmarks, email lists, issue/article/book/project outlines and notes... just about ALL the info I need to work with on a daily basis, in other words. With the ability to add Net-ready hot links (URLs, email addresses, etc.) and the System Tray-parked app always just a quick click away, I can't imagine anyone working without it after trying it out.."

Eldon Sarte,

"...I recently downloaded your software after seeing a recommendation on ZDNet. ActionOutline ROCKS! Believe it or not, I've been searching for such a tool for months (up until now Visio was the only thing that came close) to organise the results of my brainstorming and planning sessions. In despair, I was about to write one myself until I found ActionOutline. Intuitive, powerful, cheap - everything I could ask for!! Kudos on a great product..."

Marc Belgrave
Technical Consultant
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With AO you can create a structure for any project - be it a novel, research paper, list of recipes, travel itinerary or business proposition - and populate it with the information you need. AO lets you enter text, web addresses, phone numbers, date stamps for entries and links to files. Each heading can be collapsed so that your project looks like the table of contents in a book. You then drag around the subheadings until the structure of the idea looks right. AO is part database, part brainstorming tool, and does both jobs better than anything else I can think of. When you've finished working on the structure, you can export it and work on it in a word processor.

David Hewson,
Sunday Times

There's a piece of digital love on everybody's computer mind. Mine is ActionOutline. I am not toying with ActionOutline, nay, I am breathing it -- I have trusted it for years for tens of thousands of articles that no other database or organizer can handle so swiftly and efficiently with grace and stability. In short, have a life, be pro-active, get ActionOutline to instantly have every piece of your thought, or the whole world's thoughts at your fingertips. ActionOutline is all my thoughts, Alzheimer-proof. The latest version introduces colorized categories (Items) and Sub-categories they way you'd dream you could. I can't be more grateful...

Yuichi Yoshimoto

ActionOutline 3.4 (new!)
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System requirements:
Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. 32-bit and 64-bit.

Additional languages:
German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Croatian, Swedish, Slovak, Greek, Czech, Russian, Japanese. Click to download...

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