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How to add pictures to outline notes?

ActionOutline showing an outline note with a picture

ActionOutline 3 lets you add pictures to your outline notes in three easy ways:

Use the new Insert Image toolbar button or Insert|Picture... menu item and pick an image on your computer

After you click the Insert Image button, you will be able to pick any picture file on your computer. ActionOutline supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO files. You can insert several images at once!

Drag & drop

Drag any supported picture from your disk or from the Internet (works in FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) or from a third-party program (supporting drag & drop), and drop it into the ActionOutline note.

Please note that if an Internet image is a link, sometimes only the link URL is inserted. In such a case use copy & paste method instead.

Copy & paste

Use the clipboard to copy any image on your disk or on a Web site (just right-click the image and select Copy) or in a third-party program, and paste them into the ActionOutline.

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