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Use ActionOutline in your network!

The Network Edition of ActionOutline allows you to share your outline documents on the network. While any number of users can read a shared document at the same time, only one user at a time will be allowed to modify the shared document.

Opening a document for editing

You don't need to do anything special to open a shared document for editing. Just open a document as usual and it will be open for editing.

Opening a document that is edited by another user

If you try to open a document, that is already opened for editing by another user, you will get a message Document is in use. This message will also display who is editing the document now (a name of the computer and the user login name):

If you choose Open read-only, then document loads in read-only mode. In this mode you will be able to browse the document, search, copy information to clipboard, print, export etc. Also you can save outline into the local file.

ActionOutline will automatically track changes of the original document state! Once this document will became available for editing or once the document will be updated by another user, then the tab icon for this document will change to and the following message will be displayed in the outline's note pane:


You can click Reopen to reload the document, or click Not now to stop tracking.

Explicitly opening the document in read-only mode

You can open an outline document in explicit read-only mode, preventing accidental modifications and allowing other users to edit the document.

To open a document in read-only mode, please check Open as read-only option in the File Open dialog.

If you exit ActionOutline with a document open in read-only mode, then on the next start, when last tabs are restored, a read-only mode for this document will be retained.

Advanced data loss prevention on the network

Our main goal in the Network Edition of ActionOutline is to prevent data loss during simultaneous work with shared files on the network. ActionOutline protects files from being simultaneously edited by several users and they won't overwrite changes of each other.

However, if you open the network document and the network temporarily disconnects, or if you close the lid of your laptop, putting it into sleep, without closing the network file first, then your network connection is broken and the file is no longer being protected.

Now another user may open the original file and modify it. And after that your copy of this document is no longer the most recent one. And if you save it over the network file, then someone's modifications will be lost!

In ActionOutline we offer an additional level of protection to the network files to handle such situations. When document is saved, ActionOutline checks if your connection to the network is still valid. And if it was broken, then it verifies, that the network file was not modified by another user, since your last save.

If it was not modified, then you just reconnect and work as usual without any troubles. If file was changed, then you will receive a message telling you about this situation and proposing you to save this file under the new name and later re-apply your changes to the original file.

Styles on the network

Local styles

Local styles are stored with the outline document. Therefore outline items that use local styles will appear the same on any computer.

Global styles

Global styles are stored in the separate file on your computer and this file is not shared across the network. Each user has its own global styles on their computer.

Each outline item remembers a name of its style. If another user has a global style on his computer with the same name as item's style, then that style will be used to display the item. Otherwise outline item will be displayed as if it has Normal style assigned to it.

How to share global styles?

You can backup your global styles (use View|Styles, then File|Backup global styles...) to the shared location in the network. Then another users may import those styles to their systems. To import styles in version 3 they just need to double-click the styles file in Explorer to automatically open the Import styles dialog. Also they can use View|Styles then File|Import... and select your backup file manually.

Once they import your global styles, they will be able to see your documents in the same way as you see them.

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