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Read what our customers are saying about ActionOutline!

"...I recently downloaded your software after seeing a recommendation on ZDNet. ActionOutline ROCKS! Believe it or not, I've been searching for such a tool for months (up until now Visio was the only thing that came close) to organise the results of my brainstorming and planning sessions. In despair, I was about to write one myself until I found ActionOutline. Intuitive, powerful, cheap - everything I could ask for!! Kudos on a great product..."

Marc Belgrave
Technical Consultant

"...I use AO for work as I keep about 20 balls in the air at any time and its important to log client notes so I don't forget to follow up their queries and requests..."

Alan Bloom

"...I had been looking for _exactly_ what ActionOuline offers. I think in outline mode and like to make text notations in free form. This is my ideal organizer..."

Reede Stockton

"...Impressed by its small footprint, ease of use, elegant simplicity..."

Erik Gunn

"...I'm working on a Masters dissertation at the moment and the program allows me to structure my papers and surveys into a format that is very convienient for me..."

Ben Norris

"...AO is sure a great program. I've long wanted a Windows-based replacement for GrandView and this sure comes very close..."

Roger Pence

"...I liked the outline feature of your program very much. I need to organize agenda items for several meetings and need to keep track of developments for various projects. The outline feature makes organizing this information much easier than other methods that I have tried. I decided to order, however, after experimenting with the linking feature. Your program gives me an effective way to plan meetings and then link directly to minutes for those meetings in Word or whatever. Being able to link just as easily to other data (spreadsheets, web pages, email addresses, FTP and telnet sites, etc.) is an added bonus..."

George Byrnes

"...I need a good way to organize mostly random text documents. I am doing PhD research, and this helps keep my literature review straight..."

Ray Klump
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"...The ease of putting down radom thoughts, ideas and issues and THEN, organizing them in a coherent and easy-to-review fashion..."

Doyle J. Reese, Jr.

"...I had been looking for a simple and effective outliner ever since
Netmanage ECCO Pro was discontinued..."

Kevin Mar

"...I am 68 and my memory is not as good as it used to be just wanted a place to be lists of pending things to do. Am sure other things will develop..."

John Holland

"...It's clean intuitive operation for the task it is intended, It use of the tray when minimizing, fast load and minimize makes it easy to use at any time, and size..."

Bill Thomson

"...I wanted to organize some recipes and the shareware version did what I wanted..."

Anthony Wolowicz

"...Let me say how much I like this app. It helps me manage my work ideas, information, tasks, etc as a lawyer a lot. I especially like a lot that you paid a lot of intention to implement usefull keyboard shortcuts so that I can work with AO quickly and easily. I have tested several outliners but AO is the one that I felt most comfortable with from the very first start..."

Alexander Marcour

"...Have used other similar products. Found yours to be superior..."

Richard Potts

"...I just love your product! I am writing a story and it has helped me ever so much with keeping the story line! Thank you for creating such a fine product..."

Sandra Fowler

"...I love ActionOutline and use it everyday! It is my MemoryBook, CodesFragmentsArchive, LinkOrganizer, WorkPlanner and ToDoPad..."

Janna Botasheva

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